Alexandria Defense Lawyer For Money Laundering

Financial crimes carry serious consequences, particularly when the Federal government is prosecuting your case. You need a lawyer who will hit the ground running, who understands what is at stake and can build a strong defense for you.

At my Alexandria law firm, you will receive the level of aggressive representation that your case needs. I am a sole practitioner with over 40 years of legal experience, and I have spent the last nearly 30 years representing clients in Federal criminal defense cases.

I have extensive experience handling white collar crimes, including bank fraud, embezzlement, bribery and money laundering cases. When undertaking complicated Federal criminal cases, I apply my experience and knowledge of the law to the situation and evaluate all possible outcomes in developing an effective strategy.

Money Laundering Defenses

When I represent you, I will review the case with you and conduct a thorough investigation of your case, examine and gather all documentation on the case and discuss your legal options with you. I am an experienced Alexandria money laundering defense attorney who works hard to aggressively defend clients.

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Each individual situation is different and you deserve the best possible legal representation. I can provide you with the specific skills, knowledge and expertise that you need. To schedule a meeting to discuss your legal challenges and concerns, please contact me at 703-278-2072 or complete a short online contact form.