Alexandria Defense Attorney For Embezzlement Charges

Being charged with a financial crime presents significant difficulties in both your personal and professional lives. At the Law Offices of Alan H. Yamamoto, I handle criminal matters discretely and professionally. I have over 40 years of legal experience, focusing the last nearly 30 years on Federal criminal defense, and I am an experienced Alexandria embezzlement and bribery defense attorney serving clients throughout Virginia.

Embezzlement, Bribery And Theft

Theft of property or assets by someone who is perceived to be in a position of trust can result in Federal embezzlement or theft charges. People facing embezzlement or bribery charges may also face other crimes, such as fraud or money laundering.

Combined, these offenses have very serious consequences. You should not entrust your defense to anyone other than a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. At my law firm, I have the track record, knowledge and expertise that you seek.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

When defending against white collar crimes, I carefully examine evidence and use all available resources to protect my clients' rights. My goal is to provide effective advice so that my clients can make informed decisions about the situations they face.

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