Alexandria Defense Lawyer For Computer-Related And Internet Crimes

Within the past decade, Internet-based crimes and resultant criminal charges have risen. The law around these crimes continuously changes and evolves based on the ever-increasing growth of technology. People facing Internet and other computer-related crimes need to have a strong advocate on their side.

I have over 40 years of legal experience, with nearly 30 years of handling complex Federal criminal defense cases, including computer-related and Internet white collar crimes. I offer my clients a wealth of knowledge, personalized attention and aggressive advocacy. You can trust that I will work my hardest and utilize my extensive skills and legal expertise to protect your rights and your future.

Internet Crimes

Since the Internet emerged, it has become an arena for a variety of criminal offenses. I defend people facing charges that involve:

I am up-to-date with criminal laws involving the Internet and know how the changing laws affect my clients' cases.

Aggressive Representation For Those Charged With Internet Sex Crimes

Conviction for Internet sex crimes may result in being labeled a sex offender and in a mandatory prison sentence. I have a proven track record in handling these cases, and I aggressively protect my clients' rights and work to minimize their consequences. You can contact me for advice on all types of sex crimes.

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